Love is not a crime

You were among thousands of people who signed our manifesto « Outlaws » and we thank you for that. 

We were very touched by how mobilized you were and it is thanks to you that we were able to start a debate, and free a conversation that had always been buried.

It is now time to take real action.

Did you know that as Moroccan citizens, according to article 15 of our Constitution, we have the right to present petitions to our public authorities? And also to contribute to discuss and reform the laws of our country.

That is what we did.

We have just presented a petition (Number 250165) to our parliament, wherein we demand that all criminal offenses regarding individual freedoms be removed from the Moroccan penal code.

Wherein we proclaim loud and clear: Love is not a crime.

This civil petition has the potential of being historic. Open to signatures on the Internet, we need a minimum of 5000 signatories for it to be taken into account.

Are you going to be one of us?

To sign, all you have to do is fill out a short form online in which you provide your CIN, with the condition of being registered to vote in the electoral roll. if you are not yet registered, online registration is still open until the 31st of December.

Register and sign the petition, this is the moment or never. Our voice exists, our voice counts.

We have already proven it. 

Since we started only two months ago, we have gone very far. We built a strong community on the web. We participated in numerous University debates. We denounced social hypocrisy and touched Moroccan youth in what they honor the most: their freedom to love.

We don’t feel alone anymore.

We have also received hundreds of testimonies from people telling us about how difficult it is to exist and to flourish in this country because of these laws. 

Youngsters from all over the country wrote to us about the harassment they have been victims of, women who have been humiliated and were victims of hurtful words, couples who confessed to us how they had to use bribes to get out of scandalous situations. While others are calling for help because they are currently being legally prosecuted and are unable to defend themselves.

As if our prisons weren’t already full, and as if there aren’t other matters which should be prioritized such as sexual harassment, femicides, money embezzlement, corruption, terrorism, etc.

It is like love is the number one crime in Morocco. It is actually easier to put a woman behind bars just because she chose to love, chose to have an abortion, than it is to jail a man who might rape her tomorrow. It is easier to jail a couple who are holding hands, than to jail someone who has dirty hands, easier to put teenagers behind bars for a kiss, than to jail a man who kills.

The youth today demands to be heard and they deserve it. The youth are the future, Morocco’s tomorrow. At a time when Morocco suffers from brain drain which largely affects its development, when the youth feel oppressed and threatened in their individual freedoms, when they live under constant fear and shame, and when they never dream of anything but leaving this country, running away, and never coming back, it is the time where we must say STOP, and affirm all together: Love is not a crime.

Join us, support us.

Believe in yourselves.

All outlaws, until the laws change.

Visit us on our Facebook and Instagram or on our website: for more information on the procedures to follow to sign and register on the electoral roll.


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